Why Design Matters?

20 October 2016
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Let’s face it, we often base our opinions on first impressions! The same is true for website design, we’ve all have visited websites that have made us cringe when we hit the home page. We decide this business isn’t trustworthy and we make this decision without even reading the content of that page. Judging the book by the cover comes naturally to us it’s an evolutionary trait and a handy one at that! The snap decision we need to make when we see a random face on the street, the instant we know the oncoming traffic won’t stop and its time to run. Our busy lives don’t allow us the time to go through every detail of every website just to understand what’s on offer. We reject hundreds of websites that don’t fit that criteria on a daily basis.

New website design guidelines understand this human evolution and solve this issue by providing the information in bite size pieces. This method ensures that we give the details and information in well thought and digestible nuggets.

Design is not just what it looks or feels like. Design is how it works.
Steve Job

If you pay a lot of attention to one of your favourite websites, you’ll realize that all the contents provided are divided into manageable divisions. These divisions are designed to separate the contents in to a bite-size data. We usually don’t pay attention to these divisions because they have been designed by the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers to ease up our thought process. Their job is to make sure we as an end user understand what each divided contents are about.

If the design has been done badly, it definitely affects our thought process and decisions. The better the design the more we feel comfortable to spend time in a specific website. So it is important for everyone owning a website or digital content to embrace the reality of human psychology and have content designed to please the human eye.

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